• Anemone- Permanent Marker on Styrofoam

Stephanie Farrington

Marine Biologist by day, Webmaster by night

Stephanie Farrington is a Deep-sea Research Biologist. She studies deep-sea coral reefs around the SE coast of the United States from North Carolina, around Florida and the Gulf of Mexico as well as Cuba. For her to get that deep underwater she has to use a deep submergence vehicle of some type like an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) or an HOV (Human Occupied Vehicle). As the vehicles move deeper into the abyss the pressure on the outside of the vehicle increases by 1 Atmosphere of pressure (14.7 lbs/in^2) for every 33 feet of sea water. The pressure at depth is strong enough to crush and seep the air out of a porous surface. It is this effect that makes Styrofoam such an interesting medium. Anything painted on Styrofoam will also get crushed as it is sent down to the depth on the back of a ROV or HOV. Like a wild caught Shrinky-dink. Styrofoam cups were her 1st shape. Then she moved into larger pallets. They are painted on with permanent marker.

While she is not presenting in this year’s Festival, she did design this website.