Adorned by Aisha is the creation of Aisha Maria Loeks, an artisan and designer based in Philadelphia, PA. Originally from artsy Santa Fe, NM, Aisha was raised in a culture of handicraft, just as generations of women in her family before her. Through apprenticeships and extensive study in the Fine Arts, Aisha honed her craft, graduating Cum Honore from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

With fond memories of her grandmother’s cameos and a romanticized view of what the world was like at the turn of the century, Aisha began to create her vintage inspired jewelry and accessories line. She loves to design unique one-of-a-kind treasures that allow women to feel feminine and pretty. More…

Adorned by Aisha features hand made vintage inspired jewelry, using real seeds and flowers, hand made molds for resin pouring and silver and gold botanical inspired pieces designed in CAD. Seeds and flowers are pressed and preserves and then finished in glass or resin or creates metal charms out of brass and steel and plates them in silver and gold.

When my grandmother passed away when I was 15, I was gifted all her costume jewelry. I loved wearing it and eventually I started to take broken pieced of hers and started dabbled in jewelry making. Now in present day I drive inspiration from her pieces, I hand-make molds from real vintage flowers and cameos and create pieces that are romantic and inspired by a time past. – Aisha

Festival Featured Items:

  • 20th century inspired jewelry
  • Hand made vintage inspired jewelry
  • Real seeds and flowers & other botanical themes

Fine Hand-made Jewelry 

Adorned by Aisha
Philadelphia, PA