Melvin A. Chappell came to photography through his passion for Fairmount Park, especially, the Wissahickon Valley. Much of the photography of Chappell captures the beauty of the park. His work has been published in his table top photo book of the Wissahickon Valley as well as calendars and postcards. Melvin A. Chappell captures a mixture of the nature landscapes surrounded by our beautiful urban environment. The urban landscape is as equally important to the photo eye of the photographer. The subject matter can move from capturing the gentle fall of a single leaf, to the common daily lives of the people of the city. Street photography is combined with nature photography to deliver a beautiful and unique picture, as well as a social look, of the city of Philadelphia.

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Local Photography

Melvin A. Chappell
Melvin A. ChappellLocal Photographer
P.O. Box 18968
Philadelphia PA 19119
(215) 843-5018