Through use of a piercing and sawing jewelry making technique, Angela Serricca’s of Serricca Studios jewelry is hand-cut from copper sheet and formed to create sculptural designs influenced by nature and paper pop-up processes. Surfaces may feature a patina or vitreous (glass) enamel finish to create a wearable work of art to be worn for personal adornment. All jewelry is designed and made in her eastern Pennsylvania studio.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • hand-cut copper jewlery
  • influenced by nature
  • wearable works of art

Wearable Art Jewelry

Serricca Studios
Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday (may vary)

Phone Number:
484-CREATED (484-273-2833)

Mailing Address:
Serricca Studios, PO Box 78, Bally, PA 19503