Jonifin Marvin and the Philly Reggae Band was created in the summer of 2012. An observation of the live reggae music scene in Philadelphia at that time, moved Jamaican born recording/performing artist, Jonifin Marvin, to create a more authentic representation of Reggae Music for Philly to experience.

PRB’s sound is rooted in various sub genres of reggae: lovers rock, dancehall, roots and culture, Dub, and ska. Many of the band’s members are connected through the Philly music scene and have backgrounds in soul music, house music, reggae, hip hop, and rock. The influences of the members combine to create a rich, full sound mixing vintage reggae fundamentals and contemporary free thought.

The Philly Reggae Band’s live show is an energetic display of grit, soul, and nostalgia. The synergy of Jamaican and Philadelphia culture intersecting through music has delivered a unique voice strong enough to address the world. More…

Jonifin Marvin and the Philly Reggae Band are scheduled to play on the Main Stage from 4:30-6:00 PM

Jonifin Marvin and the Philly Reggae Band