Rodney Lee Jones Jr.’s work uses chromaticism and metaphor to present personal narratives as well as social, political, or historical commentary rooted in his experience as a black man in America. Therefore his imagery is steeped in jazz, improvisation, rhythmic lyricism, graffiti, urban landscapes, street style, iconic symbolism, and contemporary cultural idioms. As a multimedia artist, Rodney Lee Jones Jr. continually explore and experiment across genres, media, and ideas of order to create sincere expressions, and in my visual work. He am able to easily transition between abstract and more representational styles, sometimes within the same piece. Rodney Lee Jones Jr. is a Philadelphia-based multimedia artist, entrepreneur, and technologist.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Multimedia art
  • Paintings

Local Painter

Rodney Lee Jones Jr.
Rodney Lee Jones Jr.