At The Atticco -We strive to bring forth the rich and unique experience of vibrant colors and lovely fabrics with the art of hand block printing and Shibori tie and Dye on beautiful Scarves In Cotton, Wool, Chiffon and Silk. I source and am the designer- I have been very fortunate to travel extensively over the past two decades and meet like-minded friends in various countries who have inspired me and are constantly working on creating new styles and designs with me. I have worked on these designs to my taste and have handpicked their inspiration to bring them to this platform. My Scarves are designed in my studio in New Jersey and I am proud to support and work with a diverse group of talented artisans belonging to the local communities in India. We work towards the empowerment of these communities. Each piece is individually handcrafted with beautiful techniques passed on through generations.Shibori- This Scarf was created by sewing elaborate patterns into folded Silk, hand dyeing it and then snipping the threads revealing the gorgeous pattern. Wood Block Print- This Scarf is created using the Fascinating Technique of Hand block printing. First the pattern is carved onto a teak wood block-This block is then dipped into dye and firmly pressed onto the fabric. This is dyed with Natural Dyes. Dabu-First a sticky mixture of wheat chaff, clay, and lime is prepared the paste is then stamped on the fabric using a hand-carved wood block. Sawdust is tossed on the pattern to help dry and the scarf is then soaked in a bath of natural Dyes.