• Medium and description of work and price range:
    • Jewelry:
    o Mainly necklaces and earring sets using glass and semi-precious beads, some with pendants made from metal or glass. Sets average $30.00
    o Charm earrings, mainly metal. $5.00 – 15.00
    o Vintage Jewelry: Varies and dependent on stock, made from glass, Lucite, Backlite, plastic. Mainly from the 60’s and 70’s. Prices vary from $5.00-50.00 depending on rarity and material.
    • Bird Feeders and garden art: Made from vintage plates and cups. Prices range from $15.00 – 50.00
    • Upcycled glass jars: Primarily upcycled candle jars, highly decorated. Perfect for storing cotton balls, Q-Tips, lipsticks, etc. Prices range from $15.00-25.00
    • Fairy Garden Wands: Adorable 15–20-inch wands designed to add fantasy and charm to any garden or flowerpot. Made from glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, and metal beads. Prices are $3.00 each or two for $5.00.
    • Car mirror charms & adornments: Whimsy rear view mirrors hangers designed with crystals, metals, glass, and faceted beads. Prices are $15.00-25.00
    • Refrigerator magnets: Materials are primarily transparent glass stones decorated with paper, ranging from old comic books, words and phrases, vintage icons, biblical passages, etc. Prices are $2.00 each or three for $5.00.
    • Key Rings and Purse Pulls: Decorative key rings & purse pulls made with beads, charms, and uplifting quotes. Prices range from $15.00 to $25.00