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2020 Fine Artist Application Form:

This application is strictly for Fine Artist, vendors who sell their own hand-made art. If you are a merchant that sells mass produced products please use the Merchant Application or Return to to the Becoming an Exhibitor and choose a different form.

Please tell us your full name. This will be how your name will appear on our website/promotional materials.

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Select related keywords from drop-down list or ADD your own. Use ENTER or COMMA to separate keywords. These Keywords help users search for your information.

Please choose the medium that most of your art is created in.

If you participated as a Fine Artist in the past, and would like the same booth as last time please choose yes. Please keep in mind we cannot guarantee your preference.

Your website, online portfolio and/or social pages (separated by commas). Upon acceptance, we will post these to our Featured Artists pages on

I authorize Jenkintown Community Alliance to use my photos/websites/Social media links in any promotional materials related to this event in print or on any JCA ran website.

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