The Hunter Soccer Club BLUE WIDOWS are a group of eleven-year old neighborhood girls who have advanced the past three years to an elite team status playing the top clubs in the area. The team is guided by dedicated volunteer coaches and parents whose goal is to provide an instructive environment to the girls, as well as fielding a competitive team that enjoys success locally and regionally. Our primary revenue source is registration fees paid by families and donations received from generous individuals but since these funds do not cover all the team’s operating expenses, our players’ families often must raise their own funds to pay for equipment, training fees, travel, and tournament entry fees. The average cost per player per year to participate in all activities is approximately $1,500, particularly difficult for families with more than one player and/or modest means. In order to continue to make this rewarding experience a reality for our youth, we are reaching out to exhibit at the Jenkintown Arts Festival to sell candy, drinks, and raffle tickets for various prizes.