Orthodontic treatment options vary depending upon the severity of the need and the age of the patient. The most common time for orthodontic treatment is between the ages of 7 and 14. At this time, most if not all of the permanent teeth are in place and crowding, spacing, or bad bites are often noticeable. Treatment is usually best tolerated and most efficient when completed early as a child or adolescent as opposed to as an adult. Additionally, because growth is not yet completed, we have the ability to use the remaining growth potential to help move the teeth into their ideal positions and correct bite problems. The length of treatment varies depending on the nature of your bite. Minor changes can be corrected in less than 6 months while major changes can take up to 36 months. The average is usually about one and a half to two years. We recommend a child’s first orthodontic visit at age 7. This is the perfect time to evaluate a child’s growing bite and include any preventive treatments as needed. However, orthodontic treatment can be performed at any age. We treat patients from age 7-87 because we want you to have a happy and healthy smile at any age. There are many reasons to seek orthodontic treatment; to learn more visit Who Needs Orthodontics. At Odhner Orthodontics, we want you to be happy not only with your final smile, but during your orthodontic treatment as well which is why we offer many options for you to choose from: