Veriheal is a healthcare technology company with a mission to provide personalized cannabis education and wellness to everyone around the world. We do that by connecting patients and doctors online, through our platform, to provide recommendations for living a better life.

We are helping hundreds of new medical cannabis patients get their medical recommendations every single day. The demand for qualified doctors who truly care about patients is increasing, and we are helping to align the need. To date, we have helped over 1,000,000 patients gain the access that they deserve. Access to medical cannabis. Our team is eager to help the next 1,000,000.

In Partnership with The Lovely Haze, and an activation produced by Our People Entertainment, we are popping up all over the Philadelphia region at festivals and events to share educational resources, connect people to doctors to assess if someone qualifies for the state program and vending soy based candles infused with the terpenes prevalent in cannabis to provide tactile engagements and serve as a conversation starter. The candles are available to purchase and also will be part of a raffle.