C Kali Art


C Kali Art (Courtney Kalinowski)  is a healing visionary artist. Her mission is to paint numinous experiences to serve as a visual reminder of potent truth. She is a graduate of the Tyler School of Art at Temple University.

Courtney has created custom natal chart portraits, vivid dream landscapes, and auras for people all over the United States.

C Kai Art will be displaying (4) 16×20” original works. Much of her work is printed on clothing and pillows, mini original paintings of astrology signs, printed aluminum ornaments, stickers, and post cards. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • Custom natal chart portraits
  • Vivid dream landscapes
  • Auras

Healing Visionary Artist

C Kali Art
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artflow.artblend offer a variety of hand-painted and crafted wares, such as wine glasses, coasters, canvases, dream catchers and more. We focus on recycled materials and sustainability in our products, and aim to donate our proceeds to the Coalition For Hunger. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • Coasters
  • Wine glasses
  • dream catchers and more…

sustainable, hand-painted and crafted wares


Barbara Pastore


Barbara Pastore is a painter in Montgomery County interested in the evocative qualities of color and texture as she composes images primarily from a place of feeling.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Oil paintings

Oil Painter

Barbara Pastore
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Aisha Likes It


Aisha Likes It offers hand-crafted, African-inspired jewelry curated towards a bohemian aesthetic. Created with both ethically sourced materials from throughout the African Diaspora and traditional semi-precious stones, each piece is designed to make a statement. More…

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • African-inspired jewelry
  • Bohemian jewelry
  • Ethically sourced materials
  • African Diaspora
  • Traditional semi-precious stone

African-Inspired Jewelry

Aisha Likes It
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Timothy Stanford


Timothy Stanford, an acrylic painter, is on a constant journey of discovery as he strive to achieve a reasonable balance between personal style and realism.  Each painting is a new challenge and an opportunity for growth.  The process starts with browsing through personal photographs of subjects Timothy has found interesting.  He start a painting with a small-scale study on canvas to work out design, color relationships, and contrast.  If the small study turns out well, he then create a large-scale version with the smaller painting as my reference. More…

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Painter

Timothy Stanford
Timothy Stanford


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