Designs by Ilan


Designs by Ilan’s work reflects her passion for her spirituality and positive energy, vibrant colors, flowers and different cultures. Ilan likes to create soft, delicate and graceful shapes to her pieces. She create from her heart without following rules. By mixing different elements and experimenting with different materials such as glass, metal and ceramic, She can create new and exciting unconventional creations.

By making the glass beads, working with ceramic and manipulating metals, I am able to control the colors and textures of my pottery, judaica, home decor and jewelry. ~Ilanit Yampolsky

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • hand-made accessories
  • artisan jewelry
  • fused glass
  • gemstones
  • home decor
  • pottery

Handmade unconventional creations

Designs by Ilan
Designs by Ilan
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Sterling silver wire wrapped unique dichroic glass pendants, gemstone bracelets, and earrings are featured in Beaddazzling’s hand-crafted jewelry designs. Coordinating sets of gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings in popular stones and colors are designed to please. Beaddazzling has a large selection of earrings which include lampwork glass, German handmade porcelain, and dichroic glass all with sterling silver components to choose from if earrings are your desire. Swarovski crystal and sterling silver chain necklaces, earrings, and ankle bracelets are available to add sparkle to your outfits. Custom orders are welcome if you wish to design your own color combinations.

Festival Featured Items

  • Sterling silver Jewelry
  • Unique dichroic glass pendants
  • Gemstone bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Hand-crafted jewelry
  • Coordinating sets of gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings
  • Lampwork glass
  • German handmade porcelain
  • Dichroic glass
  • Swarovski crystal
  • Custom orders

Lampwork Glass, German Handmade Porcelain, and Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Marla Erlichman



Murderous Jewels


Murderous Jewels is a handmade jewelry business from Philadelphia. Lynn make pieces to empower women to feel beautiful about themselves. Every piece tells a story. Murderous Jewels started three years ago at Lynn’s kitchen table. More…

2019 Festival Featured Items

  • handmade jewelry

Designed to empower women to feel beautiful about themselves!

Murderous Jewels
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Contact Murderous Jewels:

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Davide Aidien Shapiro


Many of Davide Aidien Shapiro’s Jewelry designs are made from sheet silver which is pencil drawn, cut out and domed where needed. Following that, there are a few tools Davide uses including a polishing machine, etching tools and small hand tools to twist and connect ear wires. Next, a hand drill is sometimes used to hold fine pieces on to the jewelry. Davide then applies his fine soldering skills to many of the pieces. Davide Aidien Shapiro’s studio is located upstate New York, where Davide works on every piece. Finally, when there is room, he signs many his pieces, personally. Come by Davide’s booth and admire his fine jewelry.

I surround myself with lots of color in my studio from the stones I use. –Davide Aidien Shapiro

2019 Festival Featured Items

  • Fine hand-made jewelry
Davide Adien Shapiro Art
  • Davide Adien Shapiro Art
  • Davide Adien Shapiro Art
  • Davide Adien Shapiro Art
  • Davide Adien Shapiro Art

Fine Hand-made Jewelry

Davide Aidien Shapiro
Upstate New York


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Mama Beads & Baby Baubles


Many years ago when I lived in Hawaii, I made jewelry using small glass & seed beads and sold them at craft fairs around the island to make some “spending money”. In the evenings I worked as a line cook in various restaurants. Flash forward 20 years plus, I am now a retired Executive Chef diagnosed with MS, turned stay-at-home-mom. I’ve been looking for both a creative outlet and a way to make a little “spending money” for my family. That brings us front and center to the opening of Mama Beads & Baby Baubles! Let me create a one of a kind piece for you and/or your little one or host a “Make Your Own Jewelry” party in your own home. We have beads and will travel! More…

Festival Featured Items

  • Chunky bead jewelry
  • Small acrylic and stone bead jewelry
  • Silicone teething bead jewelry
  • And accessories
Mama Beads and Baby Baubles LOGO
  • Mama Beads and Baby Baubles bracelet
  • Mama Beads and Baby Baubles table

Whimsical Jewelry for Woman, Children and Teething Babies

Mama Beads & Baby Baubles
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