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Buddha Babe! Established in 2014, Buddha Babe is a Philadelphia-based luxury design studio focusing on accessories for babies, toddlers and the home. We celebrate detail, comfort and quality, firmly rooted in a sense of style. By using the highest quality textiles and committing to thoughtful sourcing, we are able to hand-make goods that bring an exquisite level of softness to everyday items.Our products are designed with the most discerning clients in mind. Droolers demand safe, effective and stylish options to control the inevitable, and people of all ages desire cozy coverings that add to a homes’ décor while providing security and warmth. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • accessories for babies, toddlers and the home.

Luxury design studio

Buddha Babe
Philadelphia, PA
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RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories


RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories are made in a Cherry Hill, New Jersey home studio. Each unique piece is hand crafted in my signature style. Sanded smoothly to a soft, silky, matte finish. Alive with color! RozzArt offers polymer earrings, brooches, barrettes and accessories.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • polymer earrings
  • brooches
  • barrettes
  • accessories

Jewelry and Accessories

RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories
RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories


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Pure Artistry with Rodney Lee Jones Jr.


Rodney Lee Jones Jr.’s work uses chromaticism and metaphor to present personal narratives as well as social, political, or historical commentary rooted in his experience as a black man in America. Therefore his imagery is steeped in jazz, improvisation, rhythmic lyricism, graffiti, urban landscapes, street style, iconic symbolism, and contemporary cultural idioms. As a multimedia artist, Rodney Lee Jones Jr. continually explore and experiment across genres, media, and ideas of order to create sincere expressions, and in my visual work. He am able to easily transition between abstract and more representational styles, sometimes within the same piece. Rodney Lee Jones Jr. is a Philadelphia-based multimedia artist, entrepreneur, and technologist.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Multimedia art
  • Paintings

Local Painter

Rodney Lee Jones Jr.
Rodney Lee Jones Jr.


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Paisley & Pink


Paisley & Pink features hand crafted, custom boutique inspired accessories such as recycled sail cloth wristlets, wine totes, key fobs, wine tumblers and holders embellished with vinyl decals, baby bibs, headbands, and much more.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Hand crafted
  • custom boutique inspired accessories
  • recycled sail cloth wristlets
  • wine totes
  • key fobs
  • wine tumblers and holders embellished with vinyl decals
  • baby bibs
  • headbands
  • much more…

Hand crafted, custom boutique inspired accessories

Paisley & Pink
(267) 228-9720
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