Teresa Thompson


Teresa Thompson (Hoelsworth), a full-time art therapist, and part-time ceramics instructor and potter. Each individual piece is handcrafted and created considering form and function.

I love when people are able to use my pieces in everyday life. I believe that interacting with art every day helps individuals appreciate the mundane, take a moment, and appreciate small things.


Festival Featured Items:

  • ceramics

Ceramic Artist

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Root and Rocks


Root and Rocks infuses natures’ rhythm into handmade ceramic goods. From everyday items to fine art vessels and abstract sculpture, interconnected forms are highlighted in the work. Each piece is made with the hope that it will bring a sense of beauty, peace, and reflection. more….

Festival Featured Items:

  • handmade ceramic goods.
  • everyday items to fine art vessels
  • abstract sculptures

Handmade Ceramic Goods

Kiya Nicole
Kiya NicoleRoot and Rocks
Philadelphia, PA
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RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories


RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories are made in a Cherry Hill, New Jersey home studio. Each unique piece is hand crafted in my signature style. Sanded smoothly to a soft, silky, matte finish. Alive with color! RozzArt offers polymer earrings, brooches, barrettes and accessories.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • polymer earrings
  • brooches
  • barrettes
  • accessories

Jewelry and Accessories

RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories
RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories


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Loved First


Loved First has two artistic mediums, one is pottery pieces, the other is handcrafted genuine leather cuffs.  Pottery ranges from mugs, plates and tiles for wall decor to custom made pieces with a specific focus on child hand and foot prints in different words or images.  The leather cuffs are created in different widths with a variation of metal, rock, glass or pottery pendants.  Loved First bracelets are durable and comfortable.  They become even more comfortable over time as they form fit to each individual wrist.  

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Pottery:
    • mugs
    • plates
    • tiles for wall decor
    • child hand and foot prints
  • Leather cuffs:
    • metal, rock, glass or pottery pendants

Pottery and handcrafted genuine leather cuffs

Loved First
Local Artist

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Jason Silverman Ceramics


Jason Silverman Ceramics makes beautiful functional pottery which are works of art in themselves. His hand thrown pottery is beautiful and functional.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Mugs
  • Plates and platters
  • Functional Art
  • Potters Wheel Art

Functional Ceramics

Jason Silverman Ceramics
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Silberware is Ilana Silber’s modern minimalist ceramic business, focusing on small batch, handmade functional pottery in West Philadelphia.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • handmade functional pottery

Small Batch, Handmade Functional Pottery

West Philadelphia

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GiGi Singh


Handmade clay jewelry and artwork featuring fun and vibrant clay jewelry that has a laid back boho feel. GiGi Singh uses chalks, paints and powders to create one of a kind pieces at an excellent price. More…

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Vibrant clay jewelry and accessories
  • Hand made nature inspired
  • Unique pieces

Hand-made Clay Jewelry 

GiGi Singh
West Chester, PA 19380


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