Studying Never Stops


Studying Never Stops clothing brand is a brand created by a 13 year old entrepreneur.  He came up with Studying Never Stop while reading a book at the barbershop. Studying Never Stops is a brand for all ages.  The colors and vibrant and the message is true.  To be successful in life you must STUDY.


Festival Featured Items:

  • Clothing

Clothing Designer

Studying Never Stops
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The Keswick Experience LLC


The Keswick Experience LLC is a Vintage
Thrift Boutique that sells women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, art and some antiques. Our monthly event “Wine Down Wednesday,” is the first Wednesday of every month 5 pm-7 pm.

Complimentary wine and cheese board, featured instrumentalist or vocalist, featured local artist painting live. Hope to see you!

Festival Featured Items:

  • Vintage Thrift Boutique
  • women’s and men’s clothing

Local Thrift Shop

246 North Keswick Avenue,
Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038
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LuLaRoe- Morgan LaBohne’s VIP Boutique


LuLaRoe- Morgan LaBohne’s VIP Boutique is a company designed to cater to the everyday woman! With LuLaRoe, you don’t have to sacrifice looks for comfort! The clothes are beautiful and flattering on everyone.

I love to see how everyone styles these beautiful designs so please show us how you are Roe’ing throughout the day!! ~ Morgan LaBohne

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • LuLaRoe clothes

LuLaRoe Clothes

LuLaRoe- Morgan LaBohne’s VIP Boutique
LuLaRoe- Morgan LaBohne’s VIP Boutique


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Charley Girl


Charley Girl utilize locally sourced materials and abandoned fabrics (ends of bolts ,swatches etc) to create unique wearable art wrap skirts.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Unique wearable art wrap skirts

Wrap Skirts

Charley GirlKristen Leonard

Doylestown, PA 18901



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Fredricka Fashions


Fredricka Fashions has specialized in the design and manufacture of young girls’ and American Girls doll dresses for over 20 years. Bring your favorite girl with her American Girl doll for a stroll. Something special for each of your gals.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • hand sewn kids & baby clothes
  • American Girl doll clothes

Handmade kids, baby and doll clothes

Fredricka Fashions

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Lo’s Little Clothes


Lo’s Little Clothes specializes in handmade onesies and onesie dresses in sizes 3- 24 months.

From baby clothes made from fine cottons to dresses using onesies and fabrics, Lo’s Little Clothes is the perfect place to stop for a new outfit for the little one. You can also find hand-sewn burp pads and bandannas converted into bibs, crochet baby hats and snugglies using soft flannel with ribbons on the sides for your baby to hold onto. Lo’s features adorable fabric patterns such as animals, trucks, planes and princess.

The didn’t forget about your four-legged fur babies, they also have collar bandannas and collar covers! More…

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • hand sewn Baby clothes using fine cotton
  • baby dresses using onesies and fabric
  • burp pads and bandanas used as bibs.
  • hand crocheted baby hats
  • snugglies
  • adorable patterns
  • dog collars and accessories too!

Handmade baby clothes

Lo's Little Clothes

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Henna by Naty


Natalia yields to nature’s ancient energy as a guide and source for inspiration & healing. She utilizes the ancient power of art as a tool for connection & coaching. Since childhood, Naty draws inspiration from the four elements of nature and the spirit of the people she interacts with.She bridges her practices across geographic boundaries and time by demonstrating that henna has a deep history that connects us all. Natalia works in fine art, body art, graphic design, murals and event curation.

Naty travels around the world to learn and connect with cultures & communities while sharing artistic practices. She has many loyal clients who return to her having found comfort in her ability to connect with them not only as her client but as a human full of love, care and light. Being an advocate for self-care and self-love are huge missions behind the work that Natalia is doing. Her passionate humanitarian goals align with her own journey of loss, injury, body perception & recovery.

With the experience Naty has gained over the last 11 years, she is actively working to empower women & men to become the healthiest versions of themselves. With her body art, fine art, murals & soon tattooing, she is progressively building her community through the continued participation of and hosting of events. This includes support of cancer patients, women with body image/weight issues, the empowering of one’s inner dialogue & pursuit of passions.

Naty is based in Brooklyn and works out of her home and studio, Henna House BK. Her amazing nephews are in Jenkintown, PA and she loves visiting them! She is accepting bookings and commissions globally. You can find more of her work and connect with her through &

Natalia Zamparini, aka Naty, is an Argentine-born, NYC native full-time entrepreneur, creative, free spirit. Naty earned her Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design & Fine Art; she is a henna artist, fine artist, muralist, and graphic designer. Naty has been specializing in the art of henna since 2009. She has participated in events & adorned special souls throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, Art Basel, Las Vegas, Denver, Oregon, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Burning Man, Cuba, Costa Rica & Argentina.  Her passion, expressed through all of her arts, is to build up & empower humanity through connection & unity. Much of her inspiration comes from the four elements of nature due to their reflected similarities within people. She is bridging culture gaps by embracing, educating & demonstrating that henna is for everyone.

Festival Featured Items

  • hand-made designs
  • henna tattoos
  • clothing
Henna by Naty - Hands
  • Henna by Naty - in action
  • Henna by Naty - wall art
  • Henna by Naty- about

Fine Hand-made Jewelry

Henna by Naty
Naty is currently based out of Brooklyn & is accepting national & international bookings.

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