Black Walnut Treasures


Black Walnut Treasures is a husband and wife team with a love of creating, crafting & woodworking. We focus mainly on Home Décor items including throw pillows, towels, signs, wreaths, reverse canvases & various wood projects.

Festival Featured Items:

  • woodworking
  • throw pillows
  • signs

Husband and Wife Crafting

PO Box 877
Richlandtown, PA 18955
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DSR Chesapeake


DSR Chesapeake recovers driftwood from the Chesapeake Bay and make a variety of products including key holders, coat racks, dog lease racks, candle holders, fish tank art and table art.

We have teamed up with a family owned blacksmith to add wrought iron effects to our driftwood and create art.

Each piece is a one of a kind and may take hours to find and finish.

Festival Featured Items:

  • Key Holders
  • Coat Racks
  • Dog Leash Racks


DSR Chesapeake
Meadowbrook, PA
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Designs by Ilan


Designs by Ilan’s work reflects her passion for her spirituality and positive energy, vibrant colors, flowers and different cultures. Ilan likes to create soft, delicate and graceful shapes to her pieces. She create from her heart without following rules. By mixing different elements and experimenting with different materials such as glass, metal and ceramic, She can create new and exciting unconventional creations.

By making the glass beads, working with ceramic and manipulating metals, I am able to control the colors and textures of my pottery, judaica, home decor and jewelry. ~Ilanit Yampolsky

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • hand-made accessories
  • artisan jewelry
  • fused glass
  • gemstones
  • home decor
  • pottery

Handmade unconventional creations

Designs by Ilan
Designs by Ilan
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RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories


RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories are made in a Cherry Hill, New Jersey home studio. Each unique piece is hand crafted in my signature style. Sanded smoothly to a soft, silky, matte finish. Alive with color! RozzArt offers polymer earrings, brooches, barrettes and accessories.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • polymer earrings
  • brooches
  • barrettes
  • accessories

Jewelry and Accessories

RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories
RozzArt Polymer Jewelry and Accessories


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Pluma Avis Domus


Pluma Avis Domus makes Pluma birdhouses from repurposed woods and new ply.

They’ve been described as:


wood collages but are fully functional

to spec, bird attracting homes

They are currently represented in 3 museums.

In 2018 the AIA (Architectural Institute of America) took one on tour exhibiting it in Toronto for “Wanted Design Out of the Box”, in Manhattan for “NYCxDesign”, then in Philadelphia at the Architecture and Design building for “DesignPhiladelphia”.

Each house, is a one of a kind.

2019 Jenkintown winner 1st Place mixed medium.


Pluma Avis Domus
Pluma Avis Domus 2019 Jenkintown Winner 1st Place - Mixed Medium
Philadelphia PA 19148
@ plumaavisdomus

Festival Featured Items:

  • Pluma birdhouses
  • 2019 Jenkintown Winner 1st Place – Mixed Medium

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Ideate is a nonprofit organization that assists emerging artists and entrepreneurs to establish their own businesses selling their handmade products. Our members create jewelry and accessories, printed t-shirts and bags, greeting cards and paper goods, original artwork and prints, and aromatherapy products. We participated in the Jenkintown Festival last year and had a great time!

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • jewelry
  • accessories
  • printed t-shirts
  • bags
  • greeting cards
  • paper goods
  • original artwork
  • prints
  • aromatherapy products.

Emerging Artists Collective

Oranit SolomonovArtist
I am a self-taught artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. I love color, animals, and airplanes. I like to make people happy with my pictures.

Dwayne BooneArtist
Dwayne is an emerging Philadelphia-based artist. The Boonie Groove is his way of working; it’s the flow of energy he rides to success.
George ShandsArtist
GFresh Emporium? Let’s make the world smell good! Website


Chris’s Custom Quilts


Chris’s Custom Quilts has handmade quilts of various sizes, quilted table runners and place mats, quilted bags from large totes to cosmetic bags and change purses and quilted pillows. Chris’s Custom Quilts also take orders for custom items.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • hand made quilts
  • table runners
  • place mats
  • table runners
  • bags
  • pillows
  • custom items


Chris's Custom Quilts

Jenkintown, PA


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Jason Silverman Ceramics


Jason Silverman Ceramics makes beautiful functional pottery which are works of art in themselves. His hand thrown pottery is beautiful and functional.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Mugs
  • Plates and platters
  • Functional Art
  • Potters Wheel Art

Functional Ceramics

Jason Silverman Ceramics
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Paisley & Pink


Paisley & Pink features hand crafted, custom boutique inspired accessories such as recycled sail cloth wristlets, wine totes, key fobs, wine tumblers and holders embellished with vinyl decals, baby bibs, headbands, and much more.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Hand crafted
  • custom boutique inspired accessories
  • recycled sail cloth wristlets
  • wine totes
  • key fobs
  • wine tumblers and holders embellished with vinyl decals
  • baby bibs
  • headbands
  • much more…

Hand crafted, custom boutique inspired accessories

Paisley & Pink
(267) 228-9720
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Above All Else


Above All Else will be featuring Janine Carbone, local Philadelphia Author for a book signing, hidden book boxes, stand up stone messages, wooden rose arrangements and wooden bamboo sunglasses.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Author book signing
  • Hidden Book Boxes
  • Stand Up Stone Messages
  • More…

Author book signing

Above All Else
Janine Carbone
Philadelphia, PA


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