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Loved First has two artistic mediums, one is pottery pieces, the other is handcrafted genuine leather cuffs.  Pottery ranges from mugs, plates and tiles for wall decor to custom made pieces with a specific focus on child hand and foot prints in different words or images.  The leather cuffs are created in different widths with a variation of metal, rock, glass or pottery pendants.  Loved First bracelets are durable and comfortable.  They become even more comfortable over time as they form fit to each individual wrist.  

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Pottery:
    • mugs
    • plates
    • tiles for wall decor
    • child hand and foot prints
  • Leather cuffs:
    • metal, rock, glass or pottery pendants

Pottery and handcrafted genuine leather cuffs

Loved First
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HenBit Art


HenBit Art uses fluid acrylic paints and food-safe resin to create functional art for the home. Unique designs are formed in the cells and ribbons of acrylic because of the interaction between the varying viscosities. Each piece is
then finished in a food-safe resin to a clear, glossy hard finish. When not being used practically, HenBit Art products can be displayed as art. They also make great gifts.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • functional art
  • food trays
  • vases
  • cutting boards
  • much much more…

Fluid acrylic painted functional art

HenBit Art

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