Corissa Lynn Artist


Corissa Lynn is based in Wyncote, PA and has been involved with The Clay Studio since summer 2016. She is a working ceramic artist who specializes in functional and figurative ceramics. She graduated from Albion College in 2016 with dual bachelor’s degrees in Art and Communication Studies. Corissa Lynn has been working with clay for over 12 years. More… 

My goal as an artist is to create functional ceramic work that people can connect with and enjoy. My work mainly focuses on connecting the viewer to functional ceramic work by incorporating different facial expressions. These include but are not limited to: Face mugs, pour-over face mugs, face planters, hanging face planters, face planter sets, yarn bowls with faces, espresso face mugs, travel face mugs (with reusable silicone lids), and face bowls. Each facial expression is different and some incorporate facial piercings. Some mugs and planters have 2 faces (one on each side) that have two opposing expressions. I also specialize in custom ceramic chess sets. I just completed an under-the-sea themed chess set that exchanges each piece into a corresponding creature. For example, the king is a shark, the queen is a dolphin, and the knight is a sea horse (since they are both horses). – Corissa Lynn

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • face mugs
  • pour-over face mugs
  • face planters
  • hanging face planters
  • face planter sets
  • yarn bowls with faces
  • espresso face mugs
  • travel face mugs
  • face bowls

Functional and Figurative Ceramics

Corissa Lynn Artist
Wyncote, PA