Jeleata Nicole


Jeleata Nicole, a Philadelphia native, where art is a common subject.

My love for creating art began as a child and I have been obsessively honoring my skills ever since. Capturing the emotion, having the feeling that you can attach a story with my subjects has always been key. Portraiture fills me with a sense of contentment and gives me a way to express my inner vision. I am a professional self-taught artist specializing in realistic graphite, colored pencil, and oil paintings. I love working in all mediums, to express my interpretation of my subjects. To be able to take a blank canvas and transfer it to a captivating piece, is an amazing process. As an artist, it gives me great satisfaction knowing I can create something for someone to cherish for a lifetime. ~Jeleata Nicole

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Paintings

Local Painter

Jeleata Nicole
Jeleata Nicole
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