Energy Revealed


Energy Revealed uses rough cut lumber, accenting the exposed grain with a variety of pigments to show the energy within the wood. It’s a process they have developed and are expanding into making tables.

They only use repurposed wood.

Festival Featured Items:

  • repurposed wood art
  • functional art
  • rough cut lumber art

Raw Wood Functional Art

Energy Revealed
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Jason Silverman Ceramics


Jason Silverman Ceramics makes beautiful functional pottery which are works of art in themselves. His hand thrown pottery is beautiful and functional.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Mugs
  • Plates and platters
  • Functional Art
  • Potters Wheel Art

Functional Ceramics

Jason Silverman Ceramics
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Fused Glass Art by Denise Webb


Fused Glass Art by Denise Webb creates beautiful fused glass functional art including vases, sun catchers, plates, glassware and more!

Festival Featured Items:

  • fused glass art
  • functional art
  • vases
  • sun catchers
  • plates and serving dishes
  • glass gifts
  • seasonal gifts
  • decorative and functional glass art

Decorative and functional fused glass art

Fused Glass Art by Denise Webb


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My Twisted Nature


My Twisted Nature creates High-voltage electrical wood-burning functional art. These pieces include custom furniture, home décor, wall art and much more!

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Custom furniture
  • home décor
  • wall art

High-voltage electrical wood-burning

My Twisted Nature
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Contact My Twisted Nature

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HenBit Art


HenBit Art uses fluid acrylic paints and food-safe resin to create functional art for the home. Unique designs are formed in the cells and ribbons of acrylic because of the interaction between the varying viscosities. Each piece is
then finished in a food-safe resin to a clear, glossy hard finish. When not being used practically, HenBit Art products can be displayed as art. They also make great gifts.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • functional art
  • food trays
  • vases
  • cutting boards
  • much much more…

Fluid acrylic painted functional art

HenBit Art

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Hudson River Inlay


Hudson River Inlay create amazing wood, hand inlay furniture. After creating the designs they are rweaked into a fine line drawing. The wood combinations are carefully chosen using hardwood veneers, stones, minerals and shells. All the pieces are adhered to and MDF with cement/glue. The art piece is then sanded and pressed and finished with a satin coat and an acrylic urethane. Cherry wood (and sometimes maple) is used for the frames and the tables. More…

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • functional art
  • furniture
  • mirrors
  • marquetry
  • inlay

Wood inlay furniture and functional art

Hudson River Inlay

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