Energy Revealed


Energy Revealed uses rough cut lumber, accenting the exposed grain with a variety of pigments to show the energy within the wood. It’s a process they have developed and are expanding into making tables.

They only use repurposed wood.

Festival Featured Items:

  • repurposed wood art
  • functional art
  • rough cut lumber art

Raw Wood Functional Art

Energy Revealed
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My Twisted Nature


My Twisted Nature creates High-voltage electrical wood-burning functional art. These pieces include custom furniture, home décor, wall art and much more!

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Custom furniture
  • home décor
  • wall art

High-voltage electrical wood-burning

My Twisted Nature
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Hudson River Inlay


Hudson River Inlay create amazing wood, hand inlay furniture. After creating the designs they are rweaked into a fine line drawing. The wood combinations are carefully chosen using hardwood veneers, stones, minerals and shells. All the pieces are adhered to and MDF with cement/glue. The art piece is then sanded and pressed and finished with a satin coat and an acrylic urethane. Cherry wood (and sometimes maple) is used for the frames and the tables. More…

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • functional art
  • furniture
  • mirrors
  • marquetry
  • inlay

Wood inlay furniture and functional art

Hudson River Inlay

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