Designs by Ilan


Designs by Ilan’s work reflects her passion for her spirituality and positive energy, vibrant colors, flowers and different cultures. Ilan likes to create soft, delicate and graceful shapes to her pieces. She create from her heart without following rules. By mixing different elements and experimenting with different materials such as glass, metal and ceramic, She can create new and exciting unconventional creations.

By making the glass beads, working with ceramic and manipulating metals, I am able to control the colors and textures of my pottery, judaica, home decor and jewelry. ~Ilanit Yampolsky

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • hand-made accessories
  • artisan jewelry
  • fused glass
  • gemstones
  • home decor
  • pottery

Handmade unconventional creations

Designs by Ilan
Designs by Ilan
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Fused Glass Art by Denise Webb


Fused Glass Art by Denise Webb creates beautiful fused glass functional art including vases, sun catchers, plates, glassware and more!

Festival Featured Items:

  • fused glass art
  • functional art
  • vases
  • sun catchers
  • plates and serving dishes
  • glass gifts
  • seasonal gifts
  • decorative and functional glass art

Decorative and functional fused glass art

Fused Glass Art by Denise Webb


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Hearts Stars & Roses


Hearts, Stars & Roses, an Abington local, creates fine fused glass art. Her pieces in are often inspired by nature and are useful, like clocks.

Festival Featured Items:

  • Fused glass art
  • Nature inspired pieces
  • Functional art, clocks etc.

Nature Inspired Fused Glass 

Hearts, Stars & Roses
Amy Staroscik
Abington, PA


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