Teresa Thompson


Teresa Thompson (Hoelsworth), a full-time art therapist, and part-time ceramics instructor and potter. Each individual piece is handcrafted and created considering form and function.

I love when people are able to use my pieces in everyday life. I believe that interacting with art every day helps individuals appreciate the mundane, take a moment, and appreciate small things.


Festival Featured Items:

  • ceramics

Ceramic Artist

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Black Walnut Treasures


Black Walnut Treasures is a husband and wife team with a love of creating, crafting & woodworking. We focus mainly on Home Décor items including throw pillows, towels, signs, wreaths, reverse canvases & various wood projects.

Festival Featured Items:

  • woodworking
  • throw pillows
  • signs

Husband and Wife Crafting

PO Box 877
Richlandtown, PA 18955
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SCB Naturals


SCB Naturals is a handmade, vegan and eco friendly wellness brand. We specialize in handmade soaps and skincare. We offer many other natural and holistic items such as bath and body, beard care, tea essentials and even pet care.

Our mission: To Create Beautiful Products Curated From Nature & Promote A Healthier Lifestyle Through Empowerment

We believe practicing self care daily and having great hair and skin is empowering. It makes you look good and feel great which in return motivates you to do more!! Our products offer many benefits such as relief from skin conditions or like eczema, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, oily skin and that’s just to name a few benefits. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • bath and body
  • beard care
  • pet care

Bath and Body

LakishaSCB Naturals
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DSR Chesapeake


DSR Chesapeake recovers driftwood from the Chesapeake Bay and make a variety of products including key holders, coat racks, dog lease racks, candle holders, fish tank art and table art.

We have teamed up with a family owned blacksmith to add wrought iron effects to our driftwood and create art.

Each piece is a one of a kind and may take hours to find and finish.

Festival Featured Items:

  • Key Holders
  • Coat Racks
  • Dog Leash Racks


DSR Chesapeake
Meadowbrook, PA
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artflow.artblend offer a variety of hand-painted and crafted wares, such as wine glasses, coasters, canvases, dream catchers and more. We focus on recycled materials and sustainability in our products, and aim to donate our proceeds to the Coalition For Hunger. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • Coasters
  • Wine glasses
  • dream catchers and more…

sustainable, hand-painted and crafted wares


Piggyback Treats Company


Piggyback Treats Company’s mission is to reduce food waste!  We piggyback with other businesses and tiny, family-run farms by rescuing usable, human-grade foods which would go to waste otherwise, and make them into healthy treats for pets!  The main ingredient in each of our treats was rescued from going to waste! In addition, we have a line of 100% rescued material handmade toys, pet care items, and more!  We are woman owned and veteran operated!

Festival Featured Items:

  • healthy treats for pets
  • 100% rescued material handmade toys,
  • pet care items, and more!

100% Rescued-Material Toys, Treats & Pet Care Items!

Piggyback Treats Company
Piggyback Treats Company
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Perfect Imperfections Pottery


Perfect Imperfections Pottery creates functional pottery from locally sourced clay that is fired for three days in a wood kiln. Most of the coloration that is on the pieces comes from the atmosphere and build up of ash within the kiln.

Perfect Imperfections Pottery’ owner Devin has been doing ceramics for four and half years, and has shown work in Ireland and at The Clay Studio. Devin currently teaches at Yay Clay in Philadelphia.

Festival Featured Items:

  • a large amount of inventory for this year!!
  • home decor
  • pottery

Hand-thrown Pottery

Perfect Imperfections Pottery
Perfect Imperfections Pottery
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Buddha Babe


Buddha Babe! Established in 2014, Buddha Babe is a Philadelphia-based luxury design studio focusing on accessories for babies, toddlers and the home. We celebrate detail, comfort and quality, firmly rooted in a sense of style. By using the highest quality textiles and committing to thoughtful sourcing, we are able to hand-make goods that bring an exquisite level of softness to everyday items.Our products are designed with the most discerning clients in mind. Droolers demand safe, effective and stylish options to control the inevitable, and people of all ages desire cozy coverings that add to a homes’ décor while providing security and warmth. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • accessories for babies, toddlers and the home.

Luxury design studio

Buddha Babe
Philadelphia, PA
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Designs by Ilan


Designs by Ilan’s work reflects her passion for her spirituality and positive energy, vibrant colors, flowers and different cultures. Ilan likes to create soft, delicate and graceful shapes to her pieces. She create from her heart without following rules. By mixing different elements and experimenting with different materials such as glass, metal and ceramic, She can create new and exciting unconventional creations.

By making the glass beads, working with ceramic and manipulating metals, I am able to control the colors and textures of my pottery, judaica, home decor and jewelry. ~Ilanit Yampolsky

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • hand-made accessories
  • artisan jewelry
  • fused glass
  • gemstones
  • home decor
  • pottery

Handmade unconventional creations

Designs by Ilan
Designs by Ilan
Designs by Ilan2022-04-19T20:25:01+00:00
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