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Christina Leone is a Montgomery County based painter who grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in Abington, PA. She specializes in landscape paintings and pet portraiture.

In the beginning of her college years, she studied at Montgomery County Community College for the first two years and then transferred to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where she is working for her BFA in painting. She has exhibited in group shows at both schools as a start to her career as a fine artist.

…It is more about the paint…

I live and paint in Abington, Pennsylvania. The views of what I see when I walk out the door has always been what drives me to create.  I want to paint the day that the scene existed in and log it as a memory. My work is a compilation of journaled overlooked moments in our environment and everyday life. I call my paintings “journal entries;” their titles are the month, day, and time of when the scene is remembered. I look for the quiet moments in life that are underappreciated such as a shadow casting on the ground or a formation of stones. I strive to enhance the color, light, and space of the scene with an inventive aspect added to my environments.  My work addresses a variety of compositions from the more traditional to the more abstract way of thinking. I zero-in on atypical simple moments like the slight off-color of the sky or the formulation of branches and how the sky peeks through in such an intricate way. It is more about the paint rather than just painstakingly copying every leaf or blade of grass. We have technology to take perfectly depicted photographs but I strive to create a version of that image to express a feeling of its energy, which is my way of appreciating nature.

Festival Featured Items:

  • Oil paintings
  • Landscape paintings
  • Pet portraitures

Oil Painter

Christina Leone Originals
Christina Leone Originals
PO Box 296,
Abington, PA 19001
(215) 740-4945


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Adam Scales, Invisible Lens Photography


Adam Scales, Invisible Lens Photography is a Philadelphia based photographer.  Adam’s subject matter primarily involves nature and travel. More…

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Photography prints

Local Photographer

Adam Scales

Philadelphia, PA


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Anthony M Casasanto


Anthony M Casasanto, a Philadelphia local, is a still life painter who focuses on, landscapes and figurative artworks. His work is representational, colorful and peaceful. Anthony has been a participant in the Jenkintown Festival of the Arts in previous years and we are excited to welcome him back. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • Landscape paintings
  • still lifes

Local Still Life Painter

Anthony M Casasanto
Ambler, PA


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