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Nila LLC. bags are special. They are 100% handmade by unsung craftsmen (or in this case craftswomen) and the tribes of some of the most modest villages in India. Rapidly vanishing handmade artistry is where we wanted to infuse our aesthetics. Our first series of bags comes from a small village in India near Pondicherry. These craftswomen are artists who come from a long tradition of bag making. We are driven to provide these struggling artists with sustainable job opportunities so their unique artistry lives on. By buying this bag, you will be helping empower these women and inspire their communities. NILA bags don’t just make you look good… they make you feel good. More…

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Handmade leather bags

Fine Genuine Leather Handbags

Nila LLC.
Nila LLC.
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Loved First


Loved First has two artistic mediums, one is pottery pieces, the other is handcrafted genuine leather cuffs.  Pottery ranges from mugs, plates and tiles for wall decor to custom made pieces with a specific focus on child hand and foot prints in different words or images.  The leather cuffs are created in different widths with a variation of metal, rock, glass or pottery pendants.  Loved First bracelets are durable and comfortable.  They become even more comfortable over time as they form fit to each individual wrist.  

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Pottery:
    • mugs
    • plates
    • tiles for wall decor
    • child hand and foot prints
  • Leather cuffs:
    • metal, rock, glass or pottery pendants

Pottery and handcrafted genuine leather cuffs

Loved First
Local Artist

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