Teresa Thompson


Teresa Thompson (Hoelsworth), a full-time art therapist, and part-time ceramics instructor and potter. Each individual piece is handcrafted and created considering form and function.

I love when people are able to use my pieces in everyday life. I believe that interacting with art every day helps individuals appreciate the mundane, take a moment, and appreciate small things.


Festival Featured Items:

  • ceramics

Ceramic Artist

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Shannon Cronin Art


Shannon Cronin Art paints watercolor and acrylic representational works–including landscape, still life, and part portrait–that explore and communicate the privacy, clarity, and complexity of interior life. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • landscape
  • still life
  • paintings

    Watercolor and Acrylic Representational Works

    Shannon Cronin Art
    Philadelphia, PA
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    DSR Chesapeake


    DSR Chesapeake recovers driftwood from the Chesapeake Bay and make a variety of products including key holders, coat racks, dog lease racks, candle holders, fish tank art and table art.

    We have teamed up with a family owned blacksmith to add wrought iron effects to our driftwood and create art.

    Each piece is a one of a kind and may take hours to find and finish.

    Festival Featured Items:

    • Key Holders
    • Coat Racks
    • Dog Leash Racks


    DSR Chesapeake
    Meadowbrook, PA
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    Root and Rocks


    Root and Rocks infuses natures’ rhythm into handmade ceramic goods. From everyday items to fine art vessels and abstract sculpture, interconnected forms are highlighted in the work. Each piece is made with the hope that it will bring a sense of beauty, peace, and reflection. more….

    Festival Featured Items:

    • handmade ceramic goods.
    • everyday items to fine art vessels
    • abstract sculptures

    Handmade Ceramic Goods

    Kiya Nicole
    Kiya NicoleRoot and Rocks
    Philadelphia, PA
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    Meowchemy sells handcrafted essential oil blends, wool felted soaps, lip-balms, Body Sprays, Bath-soaks , Aromatherapy & More…

    2019 Festival Featured Items:

    • handcrafted essential oil blends
    • wool felted soaps
    • lip-balms
    • Body Sprays
    • Bath-soaks
    • Aromatherapy
    • & more

    Beauty Products




    JODI CACHIA artist | designer | performer


    Jodi Cachia is a Philadelphia based mixed media artist. Her process
    begins by hand dying printmaking paper and collaging it, creating environments for her images to emerge from. Her subject matter is inspired by both moments spent in nature as well as her urban surroundings. This contrast is reiterated by Jodi’s choice of materials, including both wet and dry media. Birds of prey are recurring components in her work, as well as the female form and geometric elements. More…

    “I have always felt at home in the woods, but have spent most of my adult life living in the city, I am now starting to consider the repetition of these elements a reflection of my surroundings (black ink, hard lines, geometric shapes), contrasted with my yearning to connect with nature.” ~Jodi Cachia

    2019 Festival Featured Items:

    • mixed media
    • paintings
    • pen and ink drawings
    • art prints
    • home goods
    • pillows

    Local Mixed-Media Artist

    JODI CACHIA artist | designer | performer
    Philadelphia, PA

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    Serricca Studios


    Through use of a piercing and sawing jewelry making technique, Angela Serricca’s of Serricca Studios jewelry is hand-cut from copper sheet and formed to create sculptural designs influenced by nature and paper pop-up processes. Surfaces may feature a patina or vitreous (glass) enamel finish to create a wearable work of art to be worn for personal adornment. All jewelry is designed and made in her eastern Pennsylvania studio.

    2019 Festival Featured Items:

    • hand-cut copper jewlery
    • influenced by nature
    • wearable works of art

    Wearable Art Jewelry

    Serricca Studios
    Office Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday & Thursday (may vary)

    Phone Number:
    484-CREATED (484-273-2833)

    Mailing Address:
    Serricca Studios, PO Box 78, Bally, PA 19503


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    Paul Carpenter Art


    Paul Carpenter Art features detailed illustrations, screen-printed onto high quality apparel, print making paper and glassware.

    Paul Carpenter is a Philadelphia based multi-disciplinary visual artist, concentrating on graphic design, Illustration, printmaking, and painting.  Living on the blurred edge where these mediums meet and mingle, most work implements layering of fundamental elements from each of these concentrations.

    Paul works full-time as a freelance illustrator and print-maker. MORE…

    2019 Festival Featured Items:

    • detailed illustrations
    • screen-printed onto high quality apparel
    • print making paper
    • glassware

    Screen-printed art and accessories

    Paul Carpenter Art
    Philadelphia, PA


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    Hearts Stars & Roses


    Hearts, Stars & Roses, an Abington local, creates fine fused glass art. Her pieces in are often inspired by nature and are useful, like clocks.

    Festival Featured Items:

    • Fused glass art
    • Nature inspired pieces
    • Functional art, clocks etc.

    Nature Inspired Fused Glass 

    Hearts, Stars & Roses
    Amy Staroscik
    Abington, PA


    Hearts Stars & Roses2022-04-19T20:32:22+00:00

    Adorned by Aisha


    Adorned by Aisha is the creation of Aisha Maria Loeks, an artisan and designer based in Philadelphia, PA. Originally from artsy Santa Fe, NM, Aisha was raised in a culture of handicraft, just as generations of women in her family before her. Through apprenticeships and extensive study in the Fine Arts, Aisha honed her craft, graduating Cum Honore from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

    With fond memories of her grandmother’s cameos and a romanticized view of what the world was like at the turn of the century, Aisha began to create her vintage inspired jewelry and accessories line. She loves to design unique one-of-a-kind treasures that allow women to feel feminine and pretty. More…

    Adorned by Aisha features hand made vintage inspired jewelry, using real seeds and flowers, hand made molds for resin pouring and silver and gold botanical inspired pieces designed in CAD. Seeds and flowers are pressed and preserves and then finished in glass or resin or creates metal charms out of brass and steel and plates them in silver and gold.

    When my grandmother passed away when I was 15, I was gifted all her costume jewelry. I loved wearing it and eventually I started to take broken pieced of hers and started dabbled in jewelry making. Now in present day I drive inspiration from her pieces, I hand-make molds from real vintage flowers and cameos and create pieces that are romantic and inspired by a time past. – Aisha

    Festival Featured Items:

    • 20th century inspired jewelry
    • Hand made vintage inspired jewelry
    • Real seeds and flowers & other botanical themes

    Fine Hand-made Jewelry 

    Adorned by Aisha
    Philadelphia, PA


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