Richard Kohn Art


Richard Kohn Art is a local artist who teaches resin and glass fusion at his studio (Art in the Pod) located in Churchville, PA. Richard will be displaying some of his finished Acrylic and Resin works in this festival.


Festival Featured Items:

  • Acrylic and Resin works
  • resin and glass fusion

Local Artist

Richard Kohn Art
Churchville, PA

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Shannon Cronin Art


Shannon Cronin Art paints watercolor and acrylic representational works–including landscape, still life, and part portrait–that explore and communicate the privacy, clarity, and complexity of interior life. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • landscape
  • still life
  • paintings

    Watercolor and Acrylic Representational Works

    Shannon Cronin Art
    Philadelphia, PA
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    Stulman Fine Arts


    Michele Stulman of Stulman Fine Arts was born in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania in 1984. She studied at Moore College of Art and Design and The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia.

    Stulman is a local artist to the Philadelphia area and the Jersey Shore. She has shown in major galleries and has a work on file in The Philadelphia Free Library, titled “1992”. She is known for her plein air scenic paintings and works on paper using drawing and a variety of print processes, displaying realist studies of human interaction and nature.

    She is influenced by the ever-changing beauty of sunsets. Splendid colors that splinter through an azure atmosphere with glowing clouds a top moveless meres of radiance and brilliant colors which lift the human spirit. Stulman reaches to capture and relay a higher feeling of peaceful brilliance in the world around us.

    Festival Featured Items:

    • Paintings

    Local Painter

    Michele Stulman
    Michele StulmanStulman Fine Arts
    Philadelphia Artist



    • “1992” Etching/Drypoint, The Philadelphia Free Library


    • “Michele Stulman” Leona P. Kramer Gallery, Elkins Park, PA-2019
    • “Works on Paper” More Than Old, Philadelphia, PA-2013
    • “Thesis Exhibition” Havana Lofts, Philadelphia, PA-2007


    • “Craft and Gift Show” Temple Beth Hillel – Beth El, Wynnewood, PA-2018-2019
    • “Promenade Art Show” Cape May Boardwalk, Cape May, NJ-2019
    • “Hava Nagrilla” Temple Beth Hillel – Beth El, Wynnewood, PA-2018
    • “Arts and Crafts Show” – July and August, Ventnor City, NJ-2014-2015

    GROUP SHOWS (selected shows)

    • Hamilton Hall, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA-2005-2007
    • The Sandi Webster Gallery, Philadelphia, PA-2004-2007
    • Sixth Floor Gallery, Philadelphia, PA-2006
    • “Meet the Print” The Philadelphia Free Library, Philadelphia, PA-2005
    • The Levy Gallery, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA-2002


    • Media Design, Germantown Jewish Centre, Philadelphia, PA, 2020-2021
    • Media Design, Temple Beth Hillel – Beth El, 2017-2020
    • Painting Class Teacher, Tikvah at Camp Ramah in the Poconos, Lakewood, PA, 2015
    • Art Class Teacher, Adath Israel, Merion, PA, 2014-2015
    • Art Teacher – Arts in Education Program, Roxborough High School, Philadelphia, PA, 2010
    • Gallery Coordinator, The Pennsylvania Art Conservatory, Berwyn, PA, 2007-2009
    • Gallery Assistant, Sandi Webster Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 2004-2008
    • Print Studio Assistant, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, 2005-2006
    • Art Class Assistant, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA, 1999-2003
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    Brad Kopman is a Philadelphia based artist. He creates original art work, working in ink and acrylic paint. His subject matter has been called surreal and weird. The styles are a variety of visual journeys for anyone. All the work is inspired by the life we live. Dreams, nightmares,  landscapes, portraits, pet portraits, zodiac signs, tarot cards, philosophy, religion and music . More…

    Festival Featured Items:

    • Eclectic paintings and art featuring:
      • dreams
      • nightmares
      • landscapes
      • portraits
      • pet portraits
      • zodiac signs
      • tarot cards
      • philosophy
      • religous
      • music

    Eclectic Artwork

    Feasterville-Trevose, PA

    Jeleata Nicole


    Jeleata Nicole, a Philadelphia native, where art is a common subject.

    My love for creating art began as a child and I have been obsessively honoring my skills ever since. Capturing the emotion, having the feeling that you can attach a story with my subjects has always been key. Portraiture fills me with a sense of contentment and gives me a way to express my inner vision. I am a professional self-taught artist specializing in realistic graphite, colored pencil, and oil paintings. I love working in all mediums, to express my interpretation of my subjects. To be able to take a blank canvas and transfer it to a captivating piece, is an amazing process. As an artist, it gives me great satisfaction knowing I can create something for someone to cherish for a lifetime. ~Jeleata Nicole

    2019 Festival Featured Items:

    • Paintings

    Local Painter

    Jeleata Nicole
    Jeleata Nicole
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    Christina Leone Originals


    Christina Leone is a Montgomery County based painter who grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in Abington, PA. She specializes in landscape paintings and pet portraiture.

    In the beginning of her college years, she studied at Montgomery County Community College for the first two years and then transferred to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where she is working for her BFA in painting. She has exhibited in group shows at both schools as a start to her career as a fine artist.

    …It is more about the paint…

    I live and paint in Abington, Pennsylvania. The views of what I see when I walk out the door has always been what drives me to create.  I want to paint the day that the scene existed in and log it as a memory. My work is a compilation of journaled overlooked moments in our environment and everyday life. I call my paintings “journal entries;” their titles are the month, day, and time of when the scene is remembered. I look for the quiet moments in life that are underappreciated such as a shadow casting on the ground or a formation of stones. I strive to enhance the color, light, and space of the scene with an inventive aspect added to my environments.  My work addresses a variety of compositions from the more traditional to the more abstract way of thinking. I zero-in on atypical simple moments like the slight off-color of the sky or the formulation of branches and how the sky peeks through in such an intricate way. It is more about the paint rather than just painstakingly copying every leaf or blade of grass. We have technology to take perfectly depicted photographs but I strive to create a version of that image to express a feeling of its energy, which is my way of appreciating nature.

    Festival Featured Items:

    • Oil paintings
    • Landscape paintings
    • Pet portraitures

    Oil Painter

    Christina Leone Originals
    Christina Leone Originals
    PO Box 296,
    Abington, PA 19001
    (215) 740-4945


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    Black Ridge


    Black Ridge designs and creates handmade home decor, with locally sourced materials and an unwavering respect for quality craft. Our products range from macrame wall art, hanging terrariums, and jewelry to a variety of pen and ink prints, bags, and more. We also aim to make a positive difference in the lives of others by donating a portion of our proceeds to charity:water each month.

    2019 Festival Featured Items:

    • handmade home decor
    • locally sourced materials
    • macrame wall art
    • hanging terrariums
    • jewelry
    • pen and ink prints
    • bags
    • more

    Hand-Made Home Decor

    Black Ridge
    Philadelphia, Pa.

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    Barbara Pastore


    Barbara Pastore is a painter in Montgomery County interested in the evocative qualities of color and texture as she composes images primarily from a place of feeling.

    2019 Festival Featured Items:

    • Oil paintings

    Oil Painter

    Barbara Pastore
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    Aisha Likes It


    Aisha Likes It offers hand-crafted, African-inspired jewelry curated towards a bohemian aesthetic. Created with both ethically sourced materials from throughout the African Diaspora and traditional semi-precious stones, each piece is designed to make a statement. More…

    2019 Festival Featured Items:

    • African-inspired jewelry
    • Bohemian jewelry
    • Ethically sourced materials
    • African Diaspora
    • Traditional semi-precious stone

    African-Inspired Jewelry

    Aisha Likes It
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