Ideate is a nonprofit organization that assists emerging artists and entrepreneurs to establish their own businesses selling their handmade products. Our members create jewelry and accessories, printed t-shirts and bags, greeting cards and paper goods, original artwork and prints, and aromatherapy products. We participated in the Jenkintown Festival last year and had a great time!

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • jewelry
  • accessories
  • printed t-shirts
  • bags
  • greeting cards
  • paper goods
  • original artwork
  • prints
  • aromatherapy products.

Emerging Artists Collective

Oranit SolomonovArtist
I am a self-taught artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. I love color, animals, and airplanes. I like to make people happy with my pictures.

Dwayne BooneArtist
Dwayne is an emerging Philadelphia-based artist. The Boonie Groove is his way of working; it’s the flow of energy he rides to success.
George ShandsArtist
GFresh Emporium? Let’s make the world smell good! Website


Natalie D. Alleyne


Natalie D. Alleyne’s art consists of mixed media pieces as well as acrylic paintings. Natalie utilizes wood, collage and metal to make work inspired by nature and or faces.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Mixed Medium Paintings

Mixed Media Painter

 Natalie D. Alleyne
Natalie D. Alleyne


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Michele Foster Lucas


Michele Foster Lucas owner of Artist @ Work
uses a mixture of oil, acrylic, inks, washes, watercolor, pastels, papers, botanicals and found objects to create amazing paintings. Lucas applies them to canvas, paper and boards to create unique painting. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • mixed media paintings

Local Painter

Michele Foster LucasOwner
Philadelphia, PA


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