Pluma Avis Domus


Pluma Avis Domus makes Pluma birdhouses from repurposed woods and new ply.

They’ve been described as:


wood collages but are fully functional

to spec, bird attracting homes

They are currently represented in 3 museums.

In 2018 the AIA (Architectural Institute of America) took one on tour exhibiting it in Toronto for “Wanted Design Out of the Box”, in Manhattan for “NYCxDesign”, then in Philadelphia at the Architecture and Design building for “DesignPhiladelphia”.

Each house, is a one of a kind.

2019 Jenkintown winner 1st Place mixed medium.


Pluma Avis Domus
Pluma Avis Domus 2019 Jenkintown Winner 1st Place - Mixed Medium
Philadelphia PA 19148
@ plumaavisdomus

Festival Featured Items:

  • Pluma birdhouses
  • 2019 Jenkintown Winner 1st Place – Mixed Medium

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Jeanne O’Shell


Jeanne O’ShellJeanne O’Shell is a fine artist who graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 201 and was the commencement speaker for the undergraduate class.  Although she still primarily paints in oils today, I’ve spent time in my studio experimenting with watercolor, fiber and collage.

She’s been working at Abington Art Center for three years coordinating the school programming and planning the exhibitions.   More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • 2019 Art Show Winner
Jeanne O'Shell
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