Paper and Stylo


Paper and Stylo is your new favorite stationery shop! We know technology is everywhere we look but our goal is to hold on to the sentimental value that holding a pen has; all while not sacrificing quality or beauty! More..

Festival Featured Items:

  • stationary
  • pens


Paper and Stylo
Paper and Stylo
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Black Ridge


Black Ridge designs and creates handmade home decor, with locally sourced materials and an unwavering respect for quality craft. Our products range from macrame wall art, hanging terrariums, and jewelry to a variety of pen and ink prints, bags, and more. We also aim to make a positive difference in the lives of others by donating a portion of our proceeds to charity:water each month.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • handmade home decor
  • locally sourced materials
  • macrame wall art
  • hanging terrariums
  • jewelry
  • pen and ink prints
  • bags
  • more

Hand-Made Home Decor

Black Ridge
Philadelphia, Pa.

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