Steven Martin


The urban life contrasted by its immediate suburbs has become a familiar, comfortable, and inspiring setting upon which Steven Martin feel compelled to share in his paintings. Steven seeks out striking expressions within nature as well as the man-made; contrasts of light, color, and space, the clashing of the stark and rigid against the soft and inevitable which make for great subjects. The suspension of pigment in oil is just the perfect medium for him to express his creativity through.

It’s various qualities of drying, layering, mixing, and movement perform to compliment my process and aesthetic. Additional tools may strengthen a concept in its mark making, denying the paints smooth, luscious characteristic. ~Steven Martin

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • cityscapes
  • oil paintings
  • original landscapes
  • portrait paintings
  • watercolor
  • still life
  • figurative
  • printmaking

Local Painter

Steven Martin
Steven Martin