Pluma Avis Domus


Pluma Avis Domus makes Pluma birdhouses from repurposed woods and new ply.

They’ve been described as:


wood collages but are fully functional

to spec, bird attracting homes

They are currently represented in 3 museums.

In 2018 the AIA (Architectural Institute of America) took one on tour exhibiting it in Toronto for “Wanted Design Out of the Box”, in Manhattan for “NYCxDesign”, then in Philadelphia at the Architecture and Design building for “DesignPhiladelphia”.

Each house, is a one of a kind.

2019 Jenkintown winner 1st Place mixed medium.


Pluma Avis Domus
Pluma Avis Domus 2019 Jenkintown Winner 1st Place - Mixed Medium
Philadelphia PA 19148
@ plumaavisdomus

Festival Featured Items:

  • Pluma birdhouses
  • 2019 Jenkintown Winner 1st Place – Mixed Medium

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Charley Girl


Charley Girl utilize locally sourced materials and abandoned fabrics (ends of bolts ,swatches etc) to create unique wearable art wrap skirts.

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Unique wearable art wrap skirts

Wrap Skirts

Charley GirlKristen Leonard

Doylestown, PA 18901



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Edhel Atara Naturals


Edhel Atara is elvish for “elf mother.” Edhel Atara Naturals are a husband and wife crafting team who have been together for 16 years. They specialize in handcrafted all-natural bath and body products using herbs grown from their garden.  In addition to the natural products, they make gemstone jewelry, essential oil blends for their aromatherapy products, acrylic pour paintings, repurposed wine bottle incense burners, resin products, tie dye shirts and wood burnings.

We love spending time together and making all of our products. We love meeting new people, especially at craft shows where we don’t like just meeting the public but also our fellow vendors. Selling our good at craft shows is one of the best things we do together.

Festival Featured Items:

  • handcrafted, all-natural bath & body products
  • essential oil blends for our aromatherapy products
  • acrylic pour paintings
  • repurposed wine bottle incense burners
  • resin products
  • tie-dye
  • wood burnings

Handcrafted, All-natural Bath & Body Products and Gifts

Edhel Atara Naturals
Ambler, Pennsylvania, United States
(215) 390-8128

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