Astro Vinyl Art


Astro Vinyl Art creates up-cycled vinyl records with designs inspired by music artists of all genres and decades carved out with a unique background to make new unique wall art. More…

Festival Featured Items:

  • Up-cycled vinyl record wall art

For the LOVE of Art n’ Music

Astro Vinyl Art
Astro Vinyl Art
310 E High St. Pottstown, Pa 19464
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Tiger Snake Vintage


Tiger Snake Vintage supports sustainable fashion through selling a curated selection of vintage clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and accessories

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • vintage clothing
  • shoes, handbags
  • jewelry
  • accessories

Vintage Clothing

Tiger Snake Vintage
Tiger Snake Vintage


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Jennifer Allard


Jennifer Allard creates handmade accessories crafted with care in Glenside, PA from vintage and/or vintage-inspired fabrics. Inspired by retro designs, each bag shows off your unique personality! More..

2019 Festival Featured Items:

  • Handmade bags

Vintage-inspired handbags

Jennifer Allard
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Jean Broden Art


Jean Broden Art works in oils on canvas by first sketching directly onto the canvas with paint. The final look is realistic with a somewhat, non-traditional slant in subject matter. Jean’s focus is on bringing the old and the forgotten to attention, to show appreciation for the overlooked places and things we see every day. She wants her paintings to give viewers pause, to help them see what they may have overlooked in their own travels. To realize there’s beauty in the ordinary. More…

First, and foremost, I love to paint old things.  I can’t explain my love of old things completely, but the idea that an object has had a past life has always intrigued and delighted me.  I also find that the design involved in old things has so much more beauty and grace then modern objects.

Beyond the vintage still life objects, my paintings are generally of places I live near or pass; places I find inspiring and beautiful.  Again, my attraction is more toward older architecture, abandoned or forgotten places, or quiet, reflective spots.  I think we move through the world without always seeing what’s actually there.

~Jean Broden

Festival Featured Items

  • Oil Paintings
  • Prints
  • Hand-made
  • Original Art
  • Jenkintown and local subject matter

Original oil paintings in a contemporary, realist style celebrating the ordinary, unused, and overlooked beauty all around

Jean Broden Art

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